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Lists, Journalists, and the Comma

What is it about the comma that causes so much difficulty, especially to the non-professional writer? Even among those who are expert with words, the need for commas in specific instances is sometimes a point of argument. Maybe you’ve come … Continue reading

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It’s not its if it’s not mildly confusing

I promised I’d start off with simple topics. I went on a brief digression with my opinion of hone in vs home in, but today I’ll get back on track. The seemingly age-old confusion between it’s and its is a … Continue reading

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Honing in on homing in

In the very, very broad category or errors that fall under the heading of “ww” (“wrong word”), we all have those that we commonly get wrong. All of us also have those that irritate us just a little more than … Continue reading

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Posting Philosophy

revised, 06 January 2012 Since the entire point of this blog is to showcase copyediting and proofreading, that’s where I’ll be focusing. I assign a series of topics that are grammar- and usage-related in my class. I have to say … Continue reading

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