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First we banded together. Then we were banned together.

Dear Internets: Please stop noting that people have “banned together” for a cause. It is “banded together.” Think about what you’re writing. When you band together, you’re getting together in a group. That’s the present tense. If it’s already happened, … Continue reading

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Will “self-deportation” self-immolate?

Here’s a term you may have heard thrown about in recent political discussions of immigration: self-deportation. It gets written out several ways (usually self deportation or self-deportation), but I’m going with the hyphenated form. There was a lengthy discussion of … Continue reading

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Sentence Adverbs (and more on “hopefully”)

Last Friday’s post discussed AP Style‘s acceptance (at long last) of hopefully to mean “I hope” (or we hope, or it is hoped) as opposed to the rigid traditional meaning  of “in a hopeful manner” (or “with hope“). As in: … Continue reading

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Hopefully, the complaining will stop now.

Several people emailed me links to this story this week: AP’s Approval of ‘hopefully’ symbolizes larger debate over language Since it’s received so much attention, I’ll preempt the planned topic for today and discuss hopefully instead.

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In Praise of Minor Holidays / -day’s / -days’

In New England on the third Monday of April we celebrate a peculiar regional legal holiday: Patriots’ Day. It’s a very local holiday, noted only in Massachusetts and Maine (…and, for reasons which I still need to research, Wisconsin observes … Continue reading

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