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On vacation until July 11th…

Between June 29th and July 11th I’ll be traveling. For all practical purposes I won’t be reachable and will have no Internet access. Arrangements have been made for all current customers. If you need to contact me about a new … Continue reading

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The data prove it: Congress is officially “sophomoric.”

There was a nice little segment on Morning Edition last month discussing the results of an analysis done on the text of the Congressional Record since 1996. The study, performed by the Sunlight Foundation, looked primarily at the readability of … Continue reading

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“Totem Poll?” You’re putting me on, right?

Dear Internets: “Totem poll?” Really? The Bay State’s grades went up over the past four years when it came to transparency and releasing information about child deaths and near fatalities, but still ranked low on the totem poll. (Metro Boston, … Continue reading

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Consider this a prebuttal of your criticism.

I don’t go around specifically looking for political words to discuss. Really, I don’t. But that area of spoken and written English seems to be a fertile breeding ground for new usage, especially in this, an election year. Rarely a … Continue reading

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Presumably, this is predominantly your prerogative

There’s something going on with “p” words this week. I keep encountering weird errors (mostly spoken, not written…but the written ones are out there, too). I’ve heard “prerogative” and “perogative.” I’ve heard (and read) both “presumably” and “presumedly,” as well … Continue reading

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