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There Should be a Prize for Parallelism

It’s Nobel Prize season! Each morning last week brought new accolades for a great and important human endeavor: in physiology and medicine; in chemistry; in physics; in literature; and in peace (the prize for economics will be announced sometime after … Continue reading

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Is the origin of “scam” a scam itself?

Reader Gordon Precious recently commented on my earlier post about the word “scam.” An erudite friend told me that “scam” comes from the French word, “escamoter”, which means to hide something, or make it disappear, or cheat. “Escamoteur” is a … Continue reading

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Still more “-omes” and “-tomes”

In my reading over the past couple of weeks, I’ve come across a few new words related to one I posted about here some time back. The topic is worth revisiting, from a more general point of view.

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