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Is you really what you is?

I might be able to forgive Paula Deen all sorts of things. People in the South live their lives constantly simmering in a stew of racist thought and action, to such a degree that many of them never recognize how … Continue reading

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Why Gorillas, Elephants, and Skeletons Don’t Mix (or, Keeping your metaphors clear)

Here’s one for the occasional series on bad mixed metaphors: Gregory Jaffe, with the Washington-based consumer group the Center for Science in the Public Interest, calls Monsanto “the gorilla in the closet. They are this technology’s and this industry’s spokesperson.” … Continue reading

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This Is Not A Revanchist Post (I have nothing to reclaim)

Here’s a great political word seeing an uptick in usage: revanchist. Conducting a little research on this was rewarding, as revanchist (and also revanchism) is a word that’s still shifting in meaning, moving from a very strict and limited use … Continue reading

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How’s Your Fracking Vocabulary?

Here’s a word that I’ll bet you haven’t come across before: proppants. (Although if you’ve found this post through a web search, chances are pretty good that you were looking the word up.) At the moment, the word is still … Continue reading

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