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What makes someone an authority on the English language?

A vocabulary slip on my part in a recent post led to an email conversation with long-time reader Steve G., which eventually meandered over to this question. I’ve done a fair amount of thinking on the idea, and can offer … Continue reading

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Amidst, Amongst, Whilst: You Stillst Shouldn’tst

A reader recently took issue with my long-standing recommendation to avoid the use of the “-st” variants of amid, among, and while (original 2013 post here). Our exchange about it was growing unmanageably long for the comments section, so I’ve … Continue reading

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Lay, Lie, Laid, Lain…oh boy, here it comes.

As readers know (because it’s clear on this site), I welcome requests for topics for this blog. I try to write up the user-requested topics a bit more quickly than items from the list of planned topics I keep for … Continue reading

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Being historical doesn’t make it historic

Regular reader Steve G. asked recently: Historic vs. historical, is there a difference? Should historical really even be a word? There certainly is a difference, and both words have their uses. It’s worth knowing the definition for each so that … Continue reading

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Going further, going farther

Farther and further: is there a difference? If there is, which word should you use and under which circumstances?

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