Rates and Fees

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Our typical rates. These rates cover a range to reflect the reality that some jobs require less effort than others. The level of effort needed for a job can only be determined after reviewing a sample. We frequently negotiate per-job, per-page, and per-word rates with customers on a project-by-project basis.

In general, we try to keep our rates at the lower end of the rate schedule published by the Editorial Freelancers Association. Our work, however, is always at the high end of what you should expect from any editor.

We will provide an estimate in advance for any job. We hold ourselves to meet or beat this estimate, except when the scope of the project changes significantly. Proofreading and copyediting rates apply to both manuscript and academic projects.

Proofreading ($25-$45/hour): The standard rate is $30/hour, with a $90 minimum job. Proofreading assumes the text is in near-complete form and needs polish only.

Copyediting ($35-$55/hour): The standard rate is $40/hour, with a $120 minimum job. Copyediting assumes the text is still a work in progress, and will need more serious attention.

Business Document Creation ($50-$65/hour or page): For the creation of forms, business correspondence, brochure text, etc. A $50/hour (or page) rate typically applies, with a $100 minimum job.

Developmental Editing ($35-$45/hour, or project rate): Because this is dependent on the length and complexity of the project, the project fee (or hourly rate) varies and needs to be fixed after reviewing the manuscript and discussing specific requirements with the customer.

Business Work ($45-$65/hour, or project rate): Requirements and rates vary, but we will set these with the client before getting started. Business work is typically billed at $45/hour with a three hour minimum.

Note: For new business clients we require a 50% project deposit (100% if the total estimated project cost is under $400).

If you need further information, contact us at TheBetterEditor@hotmail.com or 781-330-2679.

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