Sample Work

I take the concerns of my clients very seriously. Because of personal and professional privacy considerations, as well as potential intellectual property issues, the majority of my editing work is not available for public display.

The links and files presented here as samples are either publicly available on the web or their use here has been approved by the client. Where possible (websites excluded), personally identifiable references have been removed.

MARKETING AND PUBLICITY MATERIAL. Development of new or existing text into useful material that meets the client’s business needs.

Gemini Tax Services
An interesting project — Gemini needed a tri-fold brochure (side 1 shown here) that could be distributed to potential clients across the Middle East and elsewhere. Using their website text and graphics as a starting point, we whipped up a brochure in short order. In fact, because we finished ahead of schedule, they were able to use VistaPrint to rush out a first order, and deliver the brochures to US embassies and consulates during a previously scheduled trip to the region! (Also available here as an image file.)

WEBSITE SAMPLES. Proofreading of existing text, expansion of draft text, research and writing of new text, text format standardization, etc.

This is the site for a soon-to-be-launched car service reservation smartphone application. Based on customer requirements and research of competing services, I developed the text for most of the pages currently visible on the site. The bulk of the work was done for the FAQ pages. This turned out to be quite a bit of work, especially because of the research — and the need to keep this site’s text distinct from the competition. (Please Note: This site is still in development, and the customer has made changes to some sections since I last reviewed and edited it.)

Inspiring New Perspectives
This client’s site already existed and was populated with the text she wanted. The job was more specific than most: focus on standardizing format, tone, etc. to give the previously published text pages a unified and consistent presence across the site. I think the end result was a success.

Chicagoland Carpet Cleaners
This was an interesting job. Not only did the client want a fantastically quick turn-around (less than 24 hours for over 5,000 words), but the main goal was to re-write the material (18 web pages) to minimize SEO keyword overlap with specific competitor pages (provided by the client). The result was a mix of already existing text, existing text that was massaged to avoid overlap, and entirely new text created to satisfy the SEO requirement. Mission accomplished!

ACADEMIC SAMPLES. Proofreading of existing papers, review and modification of draft papers for non-native English speaking authors, reference check and format standardization, modification for clarity and readability, publication style format standardization, etc. (Please Note: These are all graduate level and professional academic samples. I do not normally work with undergraduates, but will make occasional exceptions for certain kinds of projects.)

Agile Software Development.” This is a sample page (about 500 words) of an academic paper on the subject. This is a transitional document, showing the kind of editing you can expect. I typically work with clients for 2 to 4 rounds of revision, depending on the level of work needed on the assignment and customer requirements. (Also available here as an image file.)

Tablet Computers In Education.” These sample pages (about 500 words) are from a post-graduate project discussing issues in the debate around the use of tablet computers in K-12 education, and a proposal for a study of a pilot program. This is a transitional stage document, showing editing. (Also available here as an image file.)

Employee Pension Decisions.” This is a sample from an academic economics paper (about 2000 words of a 13,000+ word document).  It’s in a transitional state, showing editing and comments. (Also available here as an image file.)


Security Check Log.” This client needed a form generated from scratch for a building security contract. It was a small but interesting job, requiring a lot of close contact with the client over a short period of time, with many minor revisions across a large number of versions. (Only viewable as an image file, due to file sharing and privacy restrictions.)


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