The Better Editor of New England provides editorial and writing services in several broad categories. While we focus most of our offerings on a few specific services, we are capable of providing many others (and have experience doing just that). If you don’t see a service listed here, drop us a line to ask about it: if it’s something we can provide, we’ll let you know; if not, we’ll provide you with a referral to someone who can.

Business Writing & Editing

Since 2011, we have been providing any and all kinds of writing and editing services to businesses. These are primarily small businesses: independent contractors, sole proprietors, “mom-and-pop” operations. Our clients have included accountants, restaurateurs, child-care providers, educational consultants, web designers, arborists, car services, security contractors, commercial divers, and many more.

The point is: if you are a small operation without the means to support someone on staff to work on written documents full-time (or even part-time), we offer you an ideal solution. Use the service once, occasionally, or on a regular schedule. When you need professional, attractive, and well-written documents of any kind, we can provide them. What kind of documents? Documentation, Correspondence, Proposals, Reports, Forms Creation, Business Plans, etc.

    • A letter with maximum impact to send to a particular set of clients
    • A business plan to launch an enterprise, secure a new loan, or impress a new investor
    • A grant application for your non-profit organization
    • A proposal to win new business from a government entity or another company
    • A report to deliver findings and conclusions to a customer
    • A user manual for your home-grown software
    • A series of forms to document an internal process

All of this, and much more.

We provide this service in the way that works best for the way you work best: If you simply want us to check a document for spelling, punctuation, and good grammar, we can do that. But if you have an idea and some scribbles on the back of a napkin and want to turn it into a 30-page client proposal, complete with site maps and photographs, we can do that, too.

Web Text Improvement & Content Creation

Everyone has a web site. But not everyone has a good web site. And even good-looking web sites don’t always help a business succeed. We can help in two important ways.

Website Review and Refresh: Is your website organized well? Is every “t” crossed and “i” dotted? More importantly, is every word spelled correctly, and every sentence meaningful? We will give your site a thorough revamping, beginning with a top to bottom re-write of every page. Text will be streamlined, links evaluated and improved, pages pruned (or added), keywords targeted, and so on. We don’t typically build websites (although we can, and sometimes do). Instead, we give your site’s content a thorough makeover. You might hardly recognize it when we’re finished, but you’ll definitely like the results.

Blogging: A vital part of a successful website is ongoing content creation. A site that lives out on the web with just a few pages of static content, never updating, will suffer in several ways—potential customers will see it as outdated; partners and colleagues might not see it at all; and Google’s algorithm, which explicitly punishes sites that don’t continuously add fresh content, will push it farther and farther down the list of user search results. We help by adding new, relevant, expert content to your site on a regular basis. Our bloggers-for-hire strive to become experts in your industry and then display that expertise in the posts they add to your blog. Depending on your industry and location, you might see improvement in search results in only a few weeks (firms in highly competitive businesses will likely see slow but steady improvement over several months).

Manuscript Editing

A significant portion of our work (around 25% most years) is in a different line entirely. Our chief editor, Chris Daly, has a graduate degree in fiction writing and has taught writing at the college level. We edit both fiction and non-fiction (memoir and instructional) manuscripts.
Our manuscript editing services are both thorough and affordable, but you set the level of detail you require. We can help at any level from simple proofreading to full-blown manuscript development; from rough draft to polished submission. The service typically includes complete line editing, document formatting in the style of your choice, and the production of files in multiple electronic formats. Fact checking and certain file conversion options are often provided as part of the package. All manuscript editing includes at least two full reviews of the manuscript. The cost of this service depends on many variables, but a typical manuscript begins around $1200. You’ll work closely with the editor from the first stage of the process until you’re completely satisfied with the result. We have never had a manuscript client who rated this service anything but top notch.

Academic Editing

Our team is comfortable understanding and editing academic work at a very high level in many disciplines. We have experience improving both journal articles and doctoral theses. Most of our expertise is in the traditional social sciences: Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc. But we have edited work for publication in fields as diverse as Math and Engineering.
We can make sure that your paper meets strict formatting requirements for a particular style (APA, MLA, CMS) or for a specific publication. If needed, we can thoroughly examine reference citations, ensuring not only that citation formats are correct but also that every end note and footnote accurately corresponds to a bibliography entry, and that all cited text and data is accurate (and presented in an appropriate context). We routinely check tables and figures for spelling, punctuation, and consistency. We do not, as a rule, verify data in tables and charts or edit equations. If requested, we can distill the technical jargon of your field into something closer to plain English.

Please Note: We do not write papers for high school or undergraduate students. We will consider editing such papers for a specific need (usually publication related) on a case-by-case basis.

Other Services

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Send a message with a description of your project and we’ll let you know if we have the expertise to tackle it. If we don’t, we’ll be happy to provide you with a referral to another editor or writer in our network with the right skills.

Remember that we can provide a quick review of any document at no charge, and will provide a sample edit (also no charge) for a large project before expecting a customer to commit. You have nothing to lose!