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Disperse vs. Disburse

As an editor, you’re exposed to all kinds of weird language use: convoluted sentence structures, idiosyncratic punctuation, unique and unorthodox uses of the formatting features in a word processor. You name it, it’s there. One oddity you’ll always encounter is … Continue reading

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Please try to understand: it’s “try to” not “try and”

I’ve often stressed that the observations and advice posted here are primarily about written English, as opposed to spoken English. For a number of reasons written English and spoken English can almost be thought of as two separate languages, or … Continue reading

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Spotted in the Wild: Some Lazy Summer Errors

It’s still summer, if not for much longer, and a quick, not-too-serious post fits the mood. This is the type of light post I’d usually put on my Facebook page (yes, I have a Facebook page; if you’re interested in … Continue reading

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Keeping your clocks in time or a connecting principle linked to the invisible…synchronicity or synchronization?

I hate it, hate it, hate it when one of my favorite publications, especially one which has high standards, makes an ignorant error. A couple of weeks back, one just did that. In this article about the next generation of … Continue reading

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This error nearly gave me an allergic reaction!

Honestly, dear reader: I don’t read books just to see what kind of copyediting errors have slipped through. In fact, I never pick up a book with the intent of looking for errors. But I can’t help it that my … Continue reading

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