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Disperse vs. Disburse

As an editor, you’re exposed to all kinds of weird language use: convoluted sentence structures, idiosyncratic punctuation, unique and unorthodox uses of the formatting features in a word processor. You name it, it’s there. One oddity you’ll always encounter is … Continue reading

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Spotted in the Wild: Some Lazy Summer Errors

It’s still summer, if not for much longer, and a quick, not-too-serious post fits the mood. This is the type of light post I’d usually put on my Facebook page (yes, I have a Facebook page; if you’re interested in … Continue reading

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Stationary stationery, revisited

One means not moving. The other is something you write on. I’ve discussed these words before (close to two years ago). But before this week, this was an error that didn’t worry me much. I know the difference and I’m … Continue reading

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Proportionate vs. Proportional

While the entire English-speaking world eagerly awaits the American Dialect Society’s announcement of their word of the year (WOTY) for 2014 (…they are eagerly awaiting, aren’t they…?), here’s a quick post on a word pair that was getting a lot … Continue reading

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Why use a copyeditor indeed.

I’m not a big re-blogger (in fact, I’m not sure I’ve done it here before…certainly very few times). But this post crossed my desk courtesy of the Editorial Freelancers Association (of which I am a member), and it’s worth sharing. … Continue reading

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