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Spotted in the Wild: Some Lazy Summer Errors

It’s still summer, if not for much longer, and a quick, not-too-serious post fits the mood. This is the type of light post I’d usually put on my Facebook page (yes, I have a Facebook page; if you’re interested in … Continue reading

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Stationary stationery, revisited

One means not moving. The other is something you write on. I’ve discussed these words before (close to two years ago). But before this week, this was an error that didn’t worry me much. I know the difference and I’m … Continue reading

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Riffle vs. Rifle: Is this one all shot to pieces?

Running across constructions like these is fairly common: He rifled the pages until he came to the entry on 15th century firearms. She rifled through the desk looking for the incriminating file. He rifled through her purse, but couldn’t find … Continue reading

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In this day and age there’s still no day in age

Dear Internets: Please stop writing “day in age.” As in: Everybody has a smartphone now. In this day in age you can’t work effectively without one. The correct phrase is “day and age.” With the combined (although somewhat redundant) meaning … Continue reading

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Copyediting for Science and Science Fiction: A Couple Tips

I’ve just been reading Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and came across a copyediting error that put me in the frame of mind for a short post. It’s a caution that good copyeditors have to be extra … Continue reading

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