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If a pyramid has rungs, does a ladder have steps?

A brief post, simply to scratch a linguistic itch. Gliding very gently into first place as the worst mixed metaphor of the week is: “You’re the lowest rung on the pyramid.” As bad mixed metaphors go this is pretty tame, … Continue reading

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Is you really what you is?

I might be able to forgive Paula Deen all sorts of things. People in the South live their lives constantly simmering in a stew of racist thought and action, to such a degree that many of them never recognize how … Continue reading

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The data prove it: Congress is officially “sophomoric.”

There was a nice little segment on Morning Edition last month discussing the results of an analysis done on the text of the Congressional Record since 1996. The study, performed by the Sunlight Foundation, looked primarily at the readability of … Continue reading

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