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Should You Spell Out Numbers In Legal Documents?

I have mentioned in the past that some of my editorial and writing work has included documents for law firms or related legal applications. Legal filings are beyond my expertise, but I’ve done a lot of work for use on … Continue reading

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Microaggressions in Editing?

An interesting headline crossed my desk from a couple of different directions recently. Here’s the source story by Crystal Shelley over at ACES, if you’d like to give it a quick read before continuing (it’s short but it’s not necessary … Continue reading

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What is a pleonasm? And when should you use one?

Here’s another word (and concept) from the seemingly infinite list of words describing specific uses of language: pleonasm. A pleonasm is an extra word of phrase that’s used when it isn’t needed. It’s a particular sort—or perhaps it’s better to … Continue reading

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Fiction Master Class: The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness

Every writer, every teacher of writing, and every person who studies writing (which of course includes editors) keeps lists: lists of the best, the worst, the most moving, the most descriptive, and so on. Many of them won’t admit this, … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Use “Shall”

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that a large chunk of my work in recent years has been for law firms. When you work in that domain you have a lot of exposure to “legalese,” both in the common derogatory … Continue reading

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