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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Jack Mack says:

    Just came across your commentary about the possible origins of scam. Is there a possibility that it’s a variant of scum. Both have a suspicious whiff about them, and scam might have come about through a variant pronunciation.

    • Hi, Jack.
      Well, I suppose anything’s possible. But I would lean against this etymology simply because there’s no evidence (at least I haven’t come across any in my wanderings…your suggestion of it is the first I’ve noticed). It also seems something of a leap from scum to scam, since they don’t really overlap in use or meaning — so even a twist based on pronunciation doesn’t seem to explain it.
      Thanks for stopping by and reading!

      • atarunomiko says:

        Initially I was confused because I took “lean against this etymology” to mean that you agreed with Jack, when in the actual article you seemed to think the scum/scam theory was not very strong. It wasn’t until I read on that I realized that you didn’t mean “lean against” that etymology as in “lean on,” but something more like “lean toward being against” (I know that looks ghastly, which is probably how you arrived at phrasing it the way you did instead).

  2. melissamasonhoffman says:

    Great post on “ginned up” or possibly “jinned up” might really be the answer…thanks! Will subscribe to feed.

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