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This error nearly gave me an allergic reaction!

Honestly, dear reader: I don’t read books just to see what kind of copyediting errors have slipped through. In fact, I never pick up a book with the intent of looking for errors. But I can’t help it that my … Continue reading

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In any language, spam is spam. But with Google Translate, it’s poetry!

I don’t get a lot of spam comments on this blog. WordPress is pretty good at filtering them out. Judging by the available stats, they deflect somewhere between 50 and 250 spam comment posts for me, per day. Still, a … Continue reading

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In this day and age there’s still no day in age

Dear Internets: Please stop writing “day in age.” As in: Everybody has a smartphone now. In this day in age you can’t work effectively without one. The correct phrase is “day and age.” With the combined (although somewhat redundant) meaning … Continue reading

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